amco Gazelle Feed 25 KG أمكو علف غزلان ٢٥ كيلو

Gazelle Feed compatible with Gazelles, Mammals and Oryx as well, it contains the most popular vitamins and valuable minerals for your Animal.


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Our Products Are Formulated by Premium feed Mills Located in UAE using highly nutrition value ingredient such as Cereal, Grains, Pulses, Soymeal, Essential Amino Acid, Vitamins and Minerals, Which’s a natural and NOT Genetically Modified (GM) Supplied to the Farms, to ensure the highest Quality with no artificial or “Natural Identical Flavor”.

Also we never use Animal By-Products in our Feeds, such as Fishmeal, Animal By-Products and Vitamins covered in a Pork Gelatin Coating.

So we Provide our Self on Constantly innovation and Pushing the Animal Feed Industry Forward with regards to Produce and Process our products to Matching Animal Needs and Requirements.

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Weight 25 kg



United Arab Emirates


25 KG


National Fodder


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